Computer Crash

Hello Friends…

This is a quick update to let you know that my computer bit the dust last week. The hard drive is fried and it looks as though it is non-recoverable. To add insult to injury, the backup drive I use to store all my RAW and processed JPG photos is also corrupted, I can’t figure out exactly what happened. The backup drive MAY still be recoverable. I am trying to figure out something in order to get a computer fast enough and large enough to process my photos, on my salary I am afraid that is going to take a while.

I borrowed a friend’s computer and had to use a proxy (the fourth one seems to have worked) in order to even write this.

Thanks to Derrick for the birthday wishes and to canrun for your humorous comment about Ken (I’ll get that photo), unfortunately I can not get comments to post at the moment.

OK, when I have a computer, you’ll hear from me again!



~ by Expatriate Games on October 23, 2008.

One Response to “Computer Crash”

  1. oh man that’s terrible..i had a mobile HD crash with old photos in them awhile back so I know how you feel.

    hope you get back on your computing feet soon. cheers.

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