52 – 21

“Go Broncos, even though I know you have no defense and I know you are once again going to break my heart.”

I wrote those words September 30, right here in this blog.  As an expatriate living in China, one of the things I miss most is the ability to watch my favorite sports teams.  I do follow along on ESPN or via The Denver Post on-line as best I can, but the internet connection is intermittent and so slow that there is no live streaming .  I can not watch the action as it unfolds.  I am a Broncos fan, a Nuggets fan, a Rockies fan and a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan.  I have written about all this before but I am prompted to wail once again after what can only be described as a massacre today in San Diego.

Yes, today my beloved Denver Broncos became the first NFL team since 1967 to blow a three game divisional lead with three games to play.   The effort to win the Division and secure a playoff spot ended with a 52 -21 embarrassment at the hands of the Chargers.

Anyway, I am not surprised, I knew it was going to happen, “I know you have no defense”. They gave up more than 30 points 8 times this season and all total the second most  points ever in the history of the franchise.  I was ready, prepared emotionally for the inevitable collapse to be complete.

I know, I know.  They have been a team riddled with injury all year long.  Something like 12 rookies started at one time or another.  Hell, Tatum Bell started at tailback today.  6 weeks ago he was selling cell phones at the Aurora Mall.  I get it, it was tough.   Still, this collapse has to rank right up there alongside the all-time great choke jobs in sports history.

At least I didn’t have to watch the carnage.  I feel for those of you that did, it must have been a frustrating season.  I know I find myself shaking my head and wondering if Mike (The PASTermind) Shanahan has let the game pass him by.  Kansas City on the road hurt.  Home losses  to Oakland and Buffalo.  Well, that’s all easy to say now I guess.   What isn’t easy to stomach for any Denver fan?  Three consecutive seasons without making the playoffs.  A fourth?  Even Pat Bowlen’s patience will be wearing thin.  Could be worse.  I could be a Lions fan.

So, we still have the Nuggets!  They are playing at a level well above what anybody, myself included, expected.  That whole Billups for Iverson thing seems to be working out.  Oh, and as for Kentucky basketball?  Gillispie and company appear to have righted the ship somewhat, but to be honest they are only winning games they are supposed to win.  Beat Louisville Billy.  I’ll drink the Kool-Aid.  I’ll drink a big ole’ glass of it.

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~ by Expatriate Games on December 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “52 – 21”

  1. Well… sorry…but I have to say that I am a Charger’s fan… I feel sorry for your loss…someone’s head is going to be on a platter….

  2. They fired Shanahan this morning.

  3. Two words …

    Bill Cowher

  4. It was a game NOT AS CLOSE as the score might indicate.
    After owning Bronco season tickets for 13 years (many of them were Elway years), my emotional attachment is still enough to be pained by what I saw…especially on the defensive side. It so closely resembled the Cowboys loss earlier in the day that I may not watch any more football this year. Agony.

    • Yeah, I do understand Eric. Looks like Cowher won’t be coming to Denver either. I guess Bowlen has indicated he doesn’t want to give anyone that kind of power. Oy.

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