Dinner Party

A lot of Chinese will begin to trickle back to work next week.  This afternoon I decided to throw an impromptu dinner party, one last Spring Festival hurrah before everyone scatters.  Lily provided the food and did ALL the cooking.  I cleaned the house, including a thorough scrubbing/hosing of a very grody bathroom.  Insert potty joke here.   There were 13 of us total, including a seven year old and a couple of teenagers.  I have, at various times, taught or tutored the teens and as a result have become  friends with the families.

The only (slightly) negative part of the evening involved my search for a cork screw.  In a city where there are liquor/cigarette stores on every freakin’ corner you would think finding a utensil to open a bottle of wine would be fairly easy.  You would be wrong.  I finally found one at the 8th stop.   Actually, even that didn’t turn out so bad.  The boss was so shocked I could manage a few words in Mandarin he gave me the corkscrew.  I saved five kwai.

It was another great night.  It didn’t top New Year’s Eve but  it was fun.  I even have the pictures to prove it.

Chewy was a superstar.  She loves the attention from ANYBODY, especially kids.  She repeatedly ran through her repertoire of parlor tricks, including sit, down, shake and her latest accomplishment, speak.  I am regretting speak.  She is lying beside me now in a doggie biscuit food coma.

The Chewy Show

The Chewy Show

I found these cool apples earlier in the week.  They have the character Xi, stenciled on the skin.  Xi means ” to like” or “joyful” or something of that nature.  It looks like they have been covered with a sticker or stencil as they ripened.  They  taste good too.

喜 - Xi  Apples

Xi Apples

Just after we ate, one of the kids came in to tell us there were hundreds of lanterns flying in the sky.  It is thought that the lighted paper lanterns (think miniature hot-air balloons) will carry your wishes to heaven!

Lanterned Sky

Lanterned Sky

I have this cool tea table thing that someone gave me last year as a gift.  I rarely use it, but one of the families brought along some tea as a gift so tonight seemed like a good time to break it out.

All The 茶 In China

茶 – Cha

We drank a LOT of tea.  So much so that is now 6AM and I am wide-awake, not even close to being sleepy.  Since my vacation began I have been progressively staying up (and then sleeping) later and later each day.  Add a little China tea into the mix and I may be awake until tomorrow night.

One of the women kept looking around the TV and DVD player.  I soon realized she was in search of my Karoke machine.  I don’t have one (she was shocked)  so I pulled out the guitar and began to teach my Chinese friends the finer points of American rock and roll.  OK, so I don’t know any of the finer points but I labored through some James Taylor, Jackson Brown and a rusty version of Hotel California before my fingers began to blister.

Don't Fret - Classical Bokeh

Fret Not

Elaine! Why would you assume air guitar?!

So, that was my night, what did you do?

In the way of an update, I found an Asian mannequin a couple of days ago.  It was kind of anti-climactic but I’ll post a photo here soon.  At first I was a bit disappointed, as there is no real reason for me to shoot mannequins anymore.  Since I’ve been thinking about though, it all felt kind of creepy anyway and I was growing weary of trying to explain why I was shooting dummies.  Insert shooting dummies joke here.

Peace …

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~ by Expatriate Games on January 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Dinner Party”

  1. Sounded like fun… do most Chinese homes have karaoke now??? I would’ve like to have heard your version of James Taylor….!

  2. Your dog’s name is Chewy?? Classic!

    • Yeah Mamma Bean, karaoke is every bit as big here in China. Almost every bar in Liuzhou has been converted to a “karaoke experience”.

      Magnus, yeah, short for Chewbacca!

      Petra, much better now. Hey I can’t find the link to your blog anywhere!

  3. I’m just wondering, can you have decaf tea?

  4. Mate I love your photography … your fret not and cha photos are fantastic

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