Billy Gillispie’s Bitch

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Despite my better judgment, I allowed myself to get sucked in.  Yes, Billy Gillispie managed to worm his way into my heart with a simple winning streak and a re-emergence into the AP Top 25.   Some of you already know that I am a huge Kentucky basketball fan.  I am not however, a Gillispie fan; not yet anyway.  I WANT to believe but I am hesitant.  There’s something about the man that doesn’t seem to jive with UK basketball.  Smarmy maybe, cocky, or “entitled” somehow.  At least that’s what I have been feeling from my vantage point here in South China.

Despite those misgivings, I was beginning to feel like maybe I was wrong.  The Cats were undefeated in conference play with a big win at Tennessee and had clawed there way back into the rankings.  Then this …

Ole Miss 85 – Kentucky 80

Kentucky Mississippi Basketball

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

What’s maddening is that Gillispie’s Kentucky teams are beginning to make a habit out of losing to teams they are supposed to beat.  The loss in Oxford is just the latest disappointment.  It started last year with Gardner-Webb and San Di-freakin-‘ego.  Then, there was  this year’s home shocker against VMI (which prompted this).    Of course I realize the team wasn’t gonna’ go through conference play undefeated, but Mississippi?  C’mon!  They had won 9 in a row against the Rebels! There are still a lot of questions about this Kentucky team.  They AVERAGE 18 turnovers a game, which is a huge obstacle to overcome game in and game out.  Still, the biggest question mark surrounds Jodie Meeks.  Meeks is a force of nature on the basketball court but is he a one-man show?  Billy says (on national TV) no.  I say maybe.  Anyway, the Cats will beat a hasty retreat out of the top 25 and begin again few hours from now in Lexington against South Carolina.  As for me, I’ll be up at 4 AM to follow along on the intenet with the ESPN gamecast.  I can’t see the games here in China.  The connection is too slow to stream the feed, so I follow the along via ESPN, blinking at the screen as the update pages through every 30 seconds.

Of course the photo of the Kentucky bench is not mine,  I did take this next one last week in a Liuzhou alley.  I couldn’t leave without reaching in and touching the grain.  You can take the boy out of Kentucky but you can’t take Kentucky basketball out of the boy.

"I Know Why ...


Go Big Blue!

UPDATE:  I’ve discovered that if you want to generate a ridiculous amount of traffic on your blog, all you need to do is write about UK basketball.  Welcome to those of you who read Sea of Blue!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming …

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