With Aplogies to Mastercard

We interrupt this program with this special presentation.

Rant from a UK Maniac – Part III, is brought to you in-part by Mastercard.  There are some things money can’t buy.  For everything else there’s Mastercardand by The Expatriate Games Endowment For The Arts.  For information on how you can help support a struggling artist in China, please leave contact information in the comments section.  Seriously.  Help a brotha’ out.

Kentucky turnovers – 21

South Carolina offensive rebounds – 18

Last Gamecock victory in Lexington – 1997

Yet another (home) loss to a team you should beat – Priceless!

I am never gonna’ sleep with this man again

South Carolina Kentucky BasketballAP Photo/Gary Jones

See the previous post for more insight into my UK affliction.  I promise no more maniacal rants about UK basketball.  At least not until after the Mississippi State game anyway.  On a serious note, I know it’s just a game and there are much more important things in life.  All one needs to do is look at the devastation created by the latest round of winter storms in Kentucky and it all comes into focus.  That being said, I still hate Billy Gillispie.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programing…

UPDATE:  I’ve discovered that if you want to generate a ridiculous amount of traffic on your blog, all you need to do is write about UK basketball.  Welcome to those of you who read Sea of Blue!

Oh, and I guess there is some kind of football game going on back home today.  One thing I don not miss, as there is NO Superbowl hype in South China!

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 1, 2009.

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  1. 新年进步

    Happy Lunar New Year.

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