Gettin’ Busy

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am alive and well.  I find myself juggling too many things at the moment and haven’t had time for much on the personal side, including this blog.  I am back at school, well sorta back anyway.  Upon my return to campus last week I discovered my schedule for the new term had been condensed into two days.  Yep, I officially work two days a week this semester.  Of course that means I am teaching all my classes during those two days but it also means I have five days off each week.  Two on, five off, until July.  Then I’ll have July and August to hopefully explore China with the kids.  Suffice to say, work is not exactly difficult these days.  This time last year I was teaching 6 days a week, nights and weekends and hating it!

I have finished the first interview in the China photographer series and should have that edited and posted here in the next few days.   First in the series is Australian photographer Mark Hobbs, currently based in Taiyuan.  The  interview will feature plenty of photographs and links to his work.

In the meantime, I’ll share a few of my own favorite black & white images from here in Liuzhou.  Now I do love color and color is everywhere in China.  Still, there are times when monochrome images just feel like the right choice.  The first shot here I took last year in one of the many small parks fronting the Liujiang River.  It’s a bit unusual, in that even though I was fairly close to this group when I took the shot, nobody got up to move.  The impromptu candid shot is not always easy to get here in China.

The Face Of China XXI - Old Birds On A Wire

Birds On A Wire

The next image is one I took on the street directly in front of my apartment.  This woman was weaving her way through traffic while balancing her heavy bian dan full of strawberries and tomatoes.  I like the juxtaposition of old China and new, it’s not all that uncommon.  The title comes from the old Sega video game.



And finally, another shot that melds the old and the new.  Liuzhou is an industrial city, the largest industrial city in the region in fact.  Even so, much of life still revolves around the Liujiang River as it did hundreds of years ago.

Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Enough for now, I need to get back to “it”.

Oh yeah, The University of Kentucky basketball team officially stinks.  No rants this time, no tongue in cheek humor, they simply stink.  No team in the SEC has more talent, yet Billy and his boys continue to disappoint.

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9 Responses to “Gettin’ Busy”

  1. All gorgeous shots, and I think you’re right, something much more somber and in some ways dramatic by seeing them in B/W.

  2. Time Traveler is just perfect…

    R(etc… )

  3. Two days a week? You lucky bastard. I’m looking forward to your photographer series.

  4. I know how you feel about juggling too many things at once. I think time management is especially important in Asia because we have so much free time to pursue other interests. Case in point — five days off a week! I’m constantly looking for ways to squeeze an extra hour out of my days. Yeesh. It’s draining just trying to find the time for more time. 🙂 You seem to be doing a pretty good job though. I’m looking forward to reading your photography series.

  5. You have a dream schedule you! But I think it can get pretty dragging, so follow your pursuits as much as possible! [And enjoy your work!]

    Teaching is always a wonderful thing. 🙂

    Frogger…care to share why? Sorry, I’m not familiar with the game.

  6. Great photos, especially the street scene “Birds on a Wire.”
    That one is simply wonderful.

  7. 2 days on, 5 days off sounds great.

    The first shot here is a classic bit of slice of life street photography. HCB would be proud.

  8. Frogger had plastic logs and dice and came in a box….and I can prove it! I think it had dice, maybe it was a spinner.
    Great b&w shots. Your tones and cropping/framing are wonderful. Miss you on the old flickroo.

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