A Day at the Opera (Liuzhou Style)

I hardly noticed the Labor Day holiday.  After having to put so much “stuff” on the back burner over the past few weeks, I’ve become a man on a mission as I try my best to get caught up with everything and everybody.  I did finally make it out with the camera for a few hours Sunday afternoon.  I walked over to Yu Feng Park and it was… amazing.  The opera troupe was there, performing on the main stage to a large and appreciative holiday crowd.  As usual, I was treated like royalty.  Lovely Mrs. Wang escorted me “backstage” where she deposited me on my customary pink plastic stool and I got right to work.  I have become a familiar face by now.  So much so that the old ladies, both the performers and those in the crowd, are comfortable peppering me with questions while force-feeding me peanuts, bananas, and traditional buns filled with “stuff”.  I don’t much like the “stuff”.  The shooting conditions were just about perfect.  It was sunny, but the light was filtered by huge leafy trees surrounding the stage .  It was the kind of light photographers dream about.  So, without further ado, please allow me to present the stars of the show…

The Landlord

The Landlord

The Beggar

The Beggar

The Stuborn Sister

The Stubborn Sister

The Prince

The Prince

The Father

The Father

The Thief

The Thief

The Timid Sister

The Timid Sister

The Empress Dowager

The Empress Dowager

Some of you may remember that I am working on a photo documentary featuring this group, to read more about that just click here.  This is probably the final shoot with these guys before the piece is published in June.  I’ll share these performance portraits here today and post more from this session soon.  I had a blast yesterday.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them.

So, like I said, a lot of progress in the last few days as far as getting caught up.  There is still a lot to do but I am actually believing now that I’ll get it all done (I was having my doubts).  Until next time, back to work!


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~ by Expatriate Games on May 5, 2009.

14 Responses to “A Day at the Opera (Liuzhou Style)”

  1. Wow doesn’t begin to describe how great these are. The sharp features and crisp colors are wonderful.

    The Beggar is my favorite, but they are all amazing. I’m envious of your talent.

    • Craig that means so much to me coming from you. You know how it is sometimes I’m sure. All the planets align or something. The light WAS perfect and I think it helps to be so familiar with everybody too.

  2. As usual, perfect pics! I look forward to seeing the album…

  3. Wonderful Mike, just great work….

    This past week’s episode of The Amazing Race featured the Beijing Opera and had a makeup application task…

    Again, just wonderful…

    R(etc… )

  4. Great work! Just tweeted it for ya!

  5. Craig’s right about the crisp colors. So vibrant! I love the makeup! 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. I agree with Craig Ferguson, I think The Beggar is far-too captivating. Glad you were able to get the perfect lighting conditions cause these shots are too much fun!

  7. Stunning, Michael. I love it when the planets align. I like “The Stubborn Sister”, what a great expression. I’m not a fan of being force-fed, I see that in my near future. Yikes.

  8. Michael those actors are top class artists. One would need to be able to understand the language to get the full story but these photos and faces are entertaining enough. Glad you are a welcome visitor. Enjoy.

  9. WOW! The photos are awesome! Actually, all the photos in your blog are impressive. Hope one day I can take photos of this quality.

  10. Always a pleasure to see your work Michael. Very intimate. I bet the photos from backstage are even better.

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