Porcelain Portriats

There is a nice collection of porcelain being shown this weekend in Liuzhou.  A group selling vases, pots and figurines has set up shop near The People’s Square.  I went down on the recommendation of a friend and took the macro lens along.  I gather most of the porcelain comes from Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, which I also gather is famous for it’s China “china”.  This is all mass-produced stuff, not prized individual works of art but that’s not to say the quality isn’t good, far from it in fact.  Taking into consideration the quality and the post-bartered price, I picked up a few bargains.  How much you ask?  I will tell you that while I walked in, I had to take a taxi out.  Taxi  full = wallet empty.  Thanks Ken.

Chasing The Green Dragon

Chasing The Green Dragon

Chasing The Blue Dragon

Chasing The Blue Dragon

Jiangxi Porcelain 9

Jiangxi Porcelain 9

Red Plate Porcelain

Red Plate Porcelain

Porcelain Mao

Porcelain Mao

The Chairman did NOT make it home with me but the other pieces you see here are now adding some “flava'” to the humble abode.  The place needed some color to play off the one red wall and and 21 white walls.  Yeah.  I counted.  I got nothin’ but time.  You can see more of the pottery here.

26C (79F) here as I write this, cloudy and looks like it could rain any moment.  The humidity is still there but compared to this time last year, it’s quite comfortable.  I got the go-ahead to ramp up the workout regimen, beginning tomorrow I expect that muscular pain (and hopefully not heart pain) will be the norm for a while.

I may not be around much for a couple of days, still pulling ideas together for the blog/website re-design and I need to get all that info relayed to Ryan McLaughlin over at Dao By Design.  I am hoping to have it up and running with the next few weeks.

See ya when I see ya!

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~ by Expatriate Games on May 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Porcelain Portriats”

  1. Have been too busy with our preparations for our big adventure that I haven’t kept up to date with your blog.
    Going to really read back now.
    Good to see you are busy.
    Like the colorful pieces you got, really love the green dragon.

    Hope your are back to good health now?


  2. Hi EG. Terrific images. I have been reading your blog for couple months now and your photos are exceptional.The consistency is just mind boggling 🙂 Looking forward to see many more.

  3. Beautiful pieces! Even if they were mass produced, the quality looks excellent.

    Jiangxi Porcelain–gorgeous.

  4. Wonderful and colorful frames.
    Great captures, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  5. Beautiful work Mike, brilliant colors, the macro was a no-brainer…

    So, 21 white walls? I’d be worried about the ceiling… 😉

    R(etc… )

  6. Hey Michael: Cool china. My decorating scheme is camp. I found a place in HK that sells 50s propaganda posters. I bought a great one, which I thought I lost and then found before I moved, only to lose again. I’m sure it will surface.

    I went all the way to Beijing and didn’t return with any Chairman Mao dongxi. I must be going soft.

  7. Hey Micheal,
    How have you been? You said you’ll mail me about the micro lens and stuff. You might have forgot! no worries. Your photos are always so sharp and colourful. Tell me the secret behind that.
    Very cool, Perfectly composed photos. I just love your work. 😀

    • Hi Nivin, everything here is fine thanks. I haven’t forgotten about you, just have had no time really, I apologize. I’ll make an effort to get something off to you over the weekend!

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