Photo Of The Day – Pop Stars

So… who’s tired of reading about how I am going to return to this blog on a more regular basis?  Who doesn’t really care?  Yeah that’s about what I thought.  I get it, I’m a little underwhelmed with myself too.  Totally understand.  Regardless, looks like I am finally in a position to dig out and get back into some sort of routine.  One of my goals is to do my best to post at least a photo a day here.  That shouldn’t be too difficult and hopefully will serve as a prompt to do something more on a regular basis.

I actually took this photo last year when Robert Lio and I visited Hong Kong.  It was featured today on Planet Earth Daily Photo.  These kids were outside taking a smoke-break from their retail job.  I remember thinking at the time how “cool” and indifferent they acted towards me and the camera.  On most parts of the mainland I’m sure I would have gotten a lens full of cheesy smiles and peace signs.  When I got home and looked at the photo on the computer screen I was struck by how much they looked like Asian pop stars… their album cover if you will.

Pop Stars

Pop Stars

Planet Earth Daily Photo is a photoblog that features a photo a day from somewhere on the planet (duh – thus the name).  I’ve had a few shots featured there now and it’s kinda’ cool to browse through and check out faraway places that many of us will never see.

I’m currently juggling a lot of projects, including a photo assignment that will involve shooting Liuzhou and it’s people continuously over one 24 hour period.  There is also a writing assignment due soon and I’m finally getting close to having the new websites up and running.  As if that weren’t enough I’ve been developing an outreach program for some of the poorer schools across the province.  The plan is to go in and teach them English for a day.  For most of the kids it will be time meeting a laowai.  We’ll visit our first school in Mid-March and I’ll have more on all this in future posts.

I saved the biggest news for last.  My son Adam and his fiance Melissa are expecting their first child (my first grandchild) over the summer. I am excited of course but wish I wasn’t so far away!  Until next time, which I am hoping will be tomorrow, Peace!

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Photo Of The Day – Pop Stars”

  1. Congratulations on being a grandfather soon!

    As for the picture, I loved it since you posted it for the first time.
    These kids remind me of my son and his nieces, they have that same look these days.

    Looking forward to the daily updates.

  2. That is a great shot. When I first saw the image, before I’d read anything, I really did think it was an album cover or promo shot you’d done.

    Congrats on the upcoming grandfatherhood. I know I love it (we have three now), and I suspect you will as well.

    Glad you’re back, BTW. 😉

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