Photo Of The Day – Coffee

We all have our rough days.  After a little soup, a decent cup of coffee and a side order of encouragement, I find things usually start to look up.  Pretty lights don’t seem to hurt either…

This was taken a few nights ago at our local Pizza Hut.  Out of necessity, Pizza Hut has become my comfort food of choice.  I often get asked about the food here and if I ever miss the food back home.  Now I like Chinese food and by and large the food here in Liuzhou is pretty good but let’s face it, one can only eat so much rice.  The famous local delicacy is called luosifen (rice noodles in a spicy snail soup) and I won’t eat the chicken feet or dog meat (not knowingly anyway) and forget about the stinky tofu (think the worst smell you’ve ever smelled – OK – now double that).  So yeah, there are times when I positively crave a good grilled steak and mashed potatoes.  Unfortunately, nothing in Liuzhou even comes close.  If I want a food “fix” my choices are pretty much limited to KFC (think your local KFC back home – only with smaller, stringier chickens and more grease), McDonalds and Pizza Hut.  Each menu is tweaked to appeal to local tastes but much of it is the same.  When Pizza Hut first opened here they proudly featured an all you can eat salad bar.  That lasted about a month.  Folks were creating salads that would feed small wedding parties.  They were seriously creative, like one of those spewing lava volcanos you made in science class.  The coffee at Pizza Hut is some of the best I’ve had here in China.  Of course if you travel to any of the big cities you can find just about anything.  Oy, as I write this I am craving Mexican food…



Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm F/2.8L USM @ 46mm

Aperture – f/2.8
Shutter Speed – 1/50
ISO – 800

So… two days in a row posting something to this blog and lemme’ tell ya that’s not happened in a while.  I’ve read it takes 30 days to make a habit, so let that be the goal… 30 days or bust.  A few folks have been asking about camera settings so I’ll begin to include the EXIF data when I can remember.  Peace!

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Photo Of The Day – Coffee”


  2. Ahhh, you are making a good start.

    After 5 months US I am starting to understand the need for a food fix. Never thought I would crave certain foods this much and even more, I never expected there would be so many things different (foodwise) from what I am used to in the Netherlands. Can’t imagine how bad it must be when you move from the US to China.

  3. Nice. The bokeh is stunning as well.

  4. There is one place in LZ that you CAN get great mexican food! You should hit ’em up soon…And GOOD NEWS! It’s only 21 days to form a habit…you’re 10% there!!!!

    • Are you talking about Chez K? Yeah that place is pretty good. The proprietors are nice people and the food is tasty but you have to make a reservation months in advance. They’re always off having babies!

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