Photo of the Day – Smokes, Noodles & Jammies

So, the Saints won the big game.  Would have liked to have seen it it but… well I am in China, where we wear our pajamas outside to do our shopping.  Everyday.  This is not big news to anyone living here of course but I still find it kind of amusing in a quaint way. The government has decided to try and prohibit folks from doing it.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Smokes, Noodles & Jammies

Smokes, Noodles & Jammies

The Great Firewall is playing havoc with my favorite VPN so getting on-line and staying on has been difficult of late.  Other than that, nothing new really.  Quick and easy today. Going to visit an interior decorator and then we’ll go see a newborn laowai AND have Mexican food!  I love me some Mexican food.  Oh yeah.  For those of you who asked, I rocked that Chili the other night.  Cooking.  Who knew it was so easy?

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Day – Smokes, Noodles & Jammies”

  1. Earlier this week I saw a women dressed in pjs, carrying an umbrella (it was raining) and wearing high heels. You have to be fashionable while shopping in pjs.

    I wore my pj bottoms shopping once. I thought I was going to be arrested. The same rule doesn’t apply to waiguoren.

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