Xin Nian Hao! – Welcoming The Tiger

With the Spring Festival break and the warm weather we’ve been having, the local brats darlings are out in full force, raising as much Cain as humanly possible.  Yesterday the cacophony began just past 7 with a volley of firecrackers and the accompanying shrieks of joy.  Yeah that would be 7 AM.  Directly under my balcony. Remember when you were little and there was an old guy in the neighborhood always screaming at the kids?  You know, the guy in his bermudas, black socks and flip-flops, out in the yard with a water hose screaming, “Hey!  Get outta’ my yard ya’ little creeps!” Somehow, I’ve become that guy.  As an aside, Chinese parents apparently frown upon the local laowai throwing oranges at their children.  Who knew?


“快跑福雷斯特快跑” – “Run Forrest, run!”

As predicted (accurately for a change) the weather has turned.  I was hoping the warm spell would last through Chinese New Years Day, but no such luck.  The temps will fall well into the 40’s over the next few days.  Now I know that doesn’t sound very cold to many of you who may be reading this, but you have to remember,  there is no heat here. Yeah, go ahead and read that again.  For 99% of the Liuzhou population there is no central heat.  Translation… 45 outside = 45 inside.  The forecast also calls for rain.

Cold and rain do not provide the best environment for taking photographs, but I am committed to documenting Chinese New Year with my camera.  I plan to shoot from various locations across the city for a continuous 24 hour period.  I’ll begin at 6 Saturday morning and go straight through until 6 Sunday morning.  My hope is to provide some of you a glimpse into a world with traditions and culture and color and people that you might not otherwise get to see.  When I’m finished, I’ll post 24 images, one from each hour of the day.  I hope you’ll join me over the next few days, I am hoping it will be an adventure for me and that I can somehow transfer some of what I see and feel on to you. Stay tuned!

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 12, 2010.

11 Responses to “Xin Nian Hao! – Welcoming The Tiger”

  1. New camera? What did you get?

  2. Wait, you said the other day it was 80 and now it’s 40? If I got my Celsius-conversion correct, 26C dropped down to 4C?! WOW. That’s intense temp change!

    Hey, your 24-hour non-stop documentation of the CNY gave me an idea. Maybe I’ll do that myself since I won’t be going anywhere anyway. Thanks! 🙂 I don’t think I’d last more than a few hours.

    Happy New Year! xx

  3. Looking forward to it Michael, although I have to say you are already giving us a glimpse of a world not many get to see. Your photographs have given me a great look ata part of this world I otherwise never would have seen.

    If you are that guy, then I am that old lady threatening to cut up their toys if they end up in my garden one more time. I think it is an age thing. We save the good stuff for our grandkids I guess. And they get what is left after our kids who used up so much. We have to be careful not to spoil any of the neighborhood kids!

    BTW I think I may be the one from Red Lion, PA. I never seem to have time to read it all at once and have to return a few times.

  4. Hmm, just saw that your site registers every page change as a new visit. So if I go from reading the main page to reading comments and back, you already have three visits.

    That way you do get a lot of visits! 😉

    • Actually the site stats only register one visit but the feedjit feed follows folks as they visit different pages. It gives me some insight on how long people actually spend navigating through the blog. Kinda’ cool!

  5. I adore your photographs and your musings about living in China. I can not wait to see your 24 hour Chinese New Year photos – what a great idea! I’m adding you to my blogroll to spread your joy, thoughtfulness and wonderful images. Happy New Year!

    • Hey thanks for the visit and the kind words! I just had a moment to read a few entires at your blog. Wow, our expat experiences couldn’t be more different while be so much the same! I added you blog url next to your comment, well worth a visit for anyone wanting know a little about island life in Mauritius!

  6. Looking forward to your 24 hour set!

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