Get Yer Asian Baby Fix Here

During the course of the 24 hour holiday photo shoot, I came across hundreds of kids. Here is but a small collection. Beautiful children are everywhere here and I often have to fight the urge to shoot photograph them or I would fill up memory cards, even hard drives, with nothing but kids. Still, some of you keep asking for more. Hopefully this will tide you over for a while.

This little girl was so startled that for once, I actually made a kid stop crying. I was her first laowai. Momma is carrying her in a hand-woven basket. Parents and grandparents still carry the children on their backs here. I see few strollers in Liuzhou. I guess as crowded as it is most places, they just aren’t practical.



This little boy was playing “boss” in front of his parents shop.  He had set up an empty cardboard box for a desk, had a small clipboard and a pencil and some 发票 – fa piao (receipts or invoices).  老闆 – Laoban, literally old boss, is the term used for boss or shopkeeper.

老闆 - Laoban - The Boss

老闆 – Laoban

This kid was funny.  In the few minutes I was there he didn’t make a sound but NEVER stopped smiling. When I started to walk on down the alley he began to cry. I came back and he held up his arms for me to pick him up. My arms were full, the camera and an umbrella, so Momma gently (but firmly) told him no. Then he really began to cry. Just another kid in China I made cry – Number 471. The main headline in the paper is a holiday greeting from President Hu Jin Tao. There is also an article on national interest rates being raised and an announcement that the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala will broadcast for five hours.

Mickey Reads

Mickey Reads

This one was out in front of the house with her father.  She didn’t cry, but definitely wanted little to do with me. Daddy invited us in to get warm and offered us some porridge.



And finally, my “nephew’ Zong Houpu, who has decided he will henceforth be called Xiao (little) Michael. This is the New Year’s card he made for me. The men he drew are playing with firecrackers. Michael’s English vocabulary is just about equal to his Chinese at this point. He began an intense English immersion program at 5. He wants to be an astronaut, or President of China.

I Love You

I Love You

I’m still not fully recovered from the photo walk. My body clock is way off and I’ve been getting up around 3:30 in the morning for 5 days now. After-dinner coffee with Jeremy and his wife didn’t help much. I think I’ll survive.  I still have a little more than two weeks before the next term begins.

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Did I mention I still have more than two weeks of vacation?

Hey… I said I was fighting the urge to shoot them. So far I’ve been able to draw the line at lobbing oranges off my balcony.


~ by Expatriate Games on February 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Get Yer Asian Baby Fix Here”

  1. That’s a wonderful job you are doing by collecting the picture of cute babies

  2. It’s good to see you back in blog world! 🙂

    Every one of these photos made me smile.

  3. Don’t take it personal that kids cry when you leave — they want to be superstars and you are their vehicle!

    I am fascinated that you’ve moved so far from Kentucky. How do you survive without Ale8?


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