“The ink is black…

… the page is white.”

I love color, but I think there are times when a black and white photograph can be more effective in conveying a certain moodiness or theme. This is a small collection of black and white images taken during a recent walk through Liuzhou’s Riverside Park. I purposely left out any captions or descriptions. I thought you might enjoy letting your imagination run and decide what you think is happening in each shot. You can leave your interpretation in the comments section and in a few days I’ll tell what was going on

20 Minutes In Monotone I
20 Minutes In Monochrome I

20 Minutes In Monotone II

20 Minutes In Monochrome II

20 Minutes In Monotone III

20 Minutes In Monotone III

20 Minutes In Monotone IV

20 Minutes In Monotone IV

20 Minutes In Monotone V

20 Minutes In Monotone V

I’ll talk more about black and white photo processing/conversion some time in the future. It isn’t very difficult to get good results but there are a few tricks that can help create rich inky blacks with a full palette of grays and that produce sharp, dramatic images. Peace!

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~ by Expatriate Games on February 22, 2010.

3 Responses to ““The ink is black…”

  1. Have no clue what is going on, looks like it might be some kind of game going on or, maybe they are gambling?
    I’ll be looking forward to your talk about black and white photo processing.
    Oh, and I love these pictures, even in black and white they are very lively.

  2. BWs tend to have a “freezing” moment, and if well captured, has a certain elegance to it that colors have a hard time matching. I am shamed to admit I resort to BWs sometimes to cover up imperfections in toning, unsalvagable with Photoshop. I assume your tips are in reference to photoshop or darkroom processing?

    Oh, and I guess these pics are all park activity. I get overwhelmed walking through them. I get crazies coming up to me, loud singing and masses of bodies dancing. Gotta lovem’

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