Photo of the Day – Non-Comformist

I’ve been spending a lot of time with young Chinese people lately. Of course that’s not unusual, I teach English to college students after all. No, I mean aside from my students, I’ve been hanging out with and getting to know a fairly broad cross-section of young Chinese between the ages of 20 – 30. It’s an interesting time in China and this generation is witnessing change at a pace never before seen anywhere else at any other time in history. As it is everywhere, their interests and dreams and goals and beliefs run the gamut, with some twists unique to China. I’m producing a photo documentary on the subject that I hope to have completed in the next few months. Yes China is changing. It’s growing, and I’m not just talking about the population. I’m not sure exactly where it all ends but I’m certain that it will continue to evolve, and not because of any amount of external pressure. China will change at a pace and in a direction chosen by the people. For some, it can’t happen fast enough, while others are getting left in the dust, both economically and ideologically.

One of the groups I’ve been spending time with includes some young aspiring rock stars and their small but dedicated fan base. Desperately trying to find some individualtiy in a society that willingly adheres to the collective. It’s an absolute contradiction, on more than one level.



The weather here stinks again, cold and damp and gray. A recipe for depression and disinterest. I’m supposed to go out with a group of journalist tomorrow but I’m already balking at the idea of fumbling with the camera, a camera bag and tripod, all while trying to manage an umbrella with frozen hands. Had a nice talk with my daughter Natalie today, she had to call back three times and never complained. She’s rippin’ it up at DU, on pace to get her BA in French, a BS in Accounting and a Masters in Accounting, all in five years. I also leaned today that Adam and Melissa are expecting a girl in August… my first grandchild will be Layla Valerie! Until next time, peace!

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~ by Expatriate Games on March 13, 2010.

9 Responses to “Photo of the Day – Non-Comformist”

  1. Congradulations on the grandbaby. I love the name.

  2. Hi Mike! I like your grandbaby’s name as well. 😉

  3. My parents have always had a deep appreciation for Eric Clapton.. thus I developed a love for his music as well.


  4. Hi Mike
    I’m interested in these budding ‘rock stars’ you mention. i distribute music from all over Asia but also work with an indie label in Beijing to license releases for Australia. Anyway – just wondering who these musicians are and if they have any recordings available yet?

    You can check out Matthew Niederhauser’s Sound Kapital for his photobook of the bands i’m involved with – many of which are currently playing shows in the US.


  5. Hi Michael,

    I think it’s great that you’re embarking on a series of diverse aspects of China. It’s easy to fall into a niche and not get out of it, gives me a lot to chew on. Capturing youth in general is challenging in showing its wide spectrum of thought and emotion. I’m looking forward to the series… SA

  6. Love that tatoo photo. It’s very unlike what you normally do.

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