Guizhong Market

I took a walk through the sprawling Guizhou Marketplace tonight. It’s hard to tell how long these unregulated outdoor markets will hang on, but for now, they are big business in Guangxi Province. You can find just about anything in the way of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. There are also a variety of restaurants and small shops spread over a 4 block area. Anytime I’d been through here before I was always in route to some other place so I’d never stopped. I had a good time, Lily came along as translator and to provide comic relief.

This is old Ms. Wei, she’s 82 and still works the family fruit stand near a busy intersection in the middle of the market. It was about 9PM when I met her and she was going strong. She happily agreed to let me take this shot but kept her mouth covered, I figure she was a bit self-conscious as she had no teeth. She couldn’t hide her smiling eyes.

Guizhong Market - Granny Wei

Granny Wei

Guizhou Market - Granny Wei II

Granny Wei II

This vendor was pacing back and forth and I think he was just about to call it a night. Notice the one pant leg rolled up, it’s a common “beat the heat” fashion statement. To complete the look, the more fashionable men will also roll up their shirts to reveal a little belly. Sexy.

Guizhong Market - Scale


A businessman proudly dotes on his son, feeding him tiny slices of mango. Within this four square block area you can find folks from every economic level. The neuvo riche and the poorest of the poor rub elbows, each pursuing their piece of China pie. Some pieces are bigger than others.

Guizhong Market - Baba's Boy

Baba’s Boy

Motorcycle Taxi drivers wait for one last fare at the market exit.

Guizhong Market - In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight

This cat is one of thousands of guys who work the streets in the cellular phone business. They offer a variety of services, everything from recycling to repair services to selling new phones. The new phones are either black market legitimate phones, pirated copies of legitimate phones or outright fakes. Now it is very common for men in some parts of China to let one fingernail grow to an absurd length and I have heard about 328 different reasons as to why its done. I have not seen this before…

Guizhong Market - Red Elephant Lamp

Red Elephant Lamp

All the shots tonight were taken with the 5D Mark II and the 135mm f/2.0 L USM. I didn’t want to lug a lot of stuff around and I should really be using that lens more anyway. I think everything was shot at 2.0 at around 1250 ISO.

It looks like my return to Mongolia has been scratched. I was supposed to be traveling this week but have received no tickets or itinerary. I can’t get anybody to give me a direct answer as to if it’s on or off. Usually when that happens someone is trying to save face because nobody here wants to dole out any bad news. Most would rather say nothing at all. Anyway, I’m going on the assumption that its not happening. I’m disappointed but I’ll still go to Shenzhen and Hong Kong later this month and I also need to make a quick stop in Guangzhou.

The summer is moving along all to quickly… less than a month before the next term begins and I am so not feeling it!

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~ by Expatriate Games on August 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “Guizhong Market”

  1. I have always found markets to be one of the most intriguing elements of culture, and not just within China.

  2. Great photo seria. Excellent work!

  3. Nice portraits, Michael. I’ve shot a little bit at the nearby night market but was roadblocked by high ISO noise. Now that I have 5D MkII I might give it another go.

  4. Some nice images, great work.

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